Female Superhero Costume Ideas

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Costumed Supergirls at festival
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Superman, Spider-Man and Iron Man save the lives of damsels in distress, but it's not always the girls who need saving. Comics and movies also have casts of female superheroes, and they provide inspiration for women who want to move beyond the realm of skimpy Halloween costumes. Create a homemade female superhero costume to show off your superpowers and your flair for creativity.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman with Alien-dressed girls on stage
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Wonder Woman represents everything a superhero should be with her speed and super-strength. She also owns a large arsenal of weapons and useful items like the Lasso of Truth and the Invisible Plane. To create your own Wonder Woman costume, start with a Wonder Woman T-shirt. Pair it with blue shorts and you've got an instant Wonder Woman costume. To finish off the look, add a gold tiara, red boots and a large, golden cuff bracelet on each wrist. Carry a thin rope for your Lasso of Truth.


The Invisible Woman

Sexy Superhero Women
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Try dressing as The Invisible Woman, played by Jessica Alba in "Fantastic Four," for a sexy costume that doesn't show off too much skin. A blue, full-length body suit would work well for her costume, but this item may be too hard or expensive to obtain. If you need an easier option, wear a tight, long-sleeve, blue shirt with tight blue pants in a color as close to that of your shirt as possible. Cut out a circle of gray construction paper and glue it onto a piece of poster board or cardboard to strengthen it. Draw the number "4" with a black marker, and color the outside edge of the circle black. Tape or pin the number onto your shirt. Wear black leather gloves that stretch almost to your elbows, a pair of black boots and a black belt to finish off your costume.



Catwoman ready to strike
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Good superheroes get boring after a while, so put a spin on your Halloween costume and go as the anti-hero Catwoman. Not quite a villain but not a good girl either, Catwoman is a sneaky thief who wears all black and carries a whip. If you need a couple's costume idea, your boyfriend or husband can dress as Batman while you go as Catwoman.


While she wears a leather bodysuit, any all-black outfit will work. Try a tight-fitting, long-sleeve shirt with black jeans or leather pants. Add a black belt, boots and gloves. A face mask can get uncomfortable as the night goes on, so opt instead for a pair of cat ears, and add a nose and whiskers with black face paint. Carry a fake black whip, often available for purchase at Halloween shops and in the costume section of department stores.