Diamond Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Give your event a glitzy feel with diamonds.

If you are aiming to throw a birthday event rich in glitz and glamor, consider adopting a diamond theme. There are an array of aesthetically pleasing yet inexpensive ways to plan a birthday party around this central theme. By crafting an event with this theme, you can give your guests and the birthday girl herself the opportunity to immerse themselves in an elegant setting and, at least temporarily, feel as if they are living the high life.


Gemmed Entrance Way

Create the feel of a lavish affair from the moment your guests walk in the door by creating a gemmed entrance way. Purchase strings of white crystals that resemble pricey diamonds. Hang these crystal strands across your party entrance door, creating a curtain of glimmer that your guests must push through to gain entrance to your birthday event.


Video of the Day

Dazzling Disposable Camera

Encourage guests to capture the birthday fun and carry through your diamond theme at the same time by creating dazzling disposable cameras. Purchase plain white disposable cameras from a party supply store and adhesive translucent gems from a craft store. Carefully stick these sparklers all over each camera, dressing the photo taking tools up for your event. Place the cameras in the centers of the tables.


Gem-Encrusted Place Cards

Craft place cards that have an elegant feel by creating gem-encrusted place cards. Type out the names of each of your birthday party guests and print them onto pieces of cardstock. Purchase small adhesive gems from the craft store and stick them around the letters in each name. Add a gem border to finish off your elegant creation.


Diamond Ice Cubes

Give your birthday drinks an upgrade by creating diamond-like ice cubes to float in your drinkable concoctions. Purchase ice cube trays with openings shaped like diamonds instead of the standard rectangles. Freeze several batches of diamond-shaped cubes in the days leading up to your party to ensure that you are prepared to fill your glasses with diamond-shaped ice on the date of your event.


Diamond Ring Napkin Holders

Give your birthday table settings some glamor by creating diamond ring napkin holders. Purchase or create large faux diamond rings and slip them over your rolled napkins. Place the napkins in the center of each place setting to create a party table that shimmers and sparkles in the light.



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