Gay Party Ideas

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Throw a party with pride.

Being in the closet just isn't in style these days. With gay and lesbian celebrities living open lives, many politicians supporting gay rights (and even being open about their own sexuality) and the rainbow flag flying from San Fran to New York, it's a fabulous time to be out and open. When throwing a party, there are many fun activities to celebrate gay culture and style, injecting a little pride into any soiree.


Rainbow Theme

The rainbow is the most popular and widely known symbol of the gay community, its many colors expressing diversity. No gay party would be complete without rainbow decorations and treats all around, so hang rainbow streamers, inflate balloons of all colors and raise a rainbow flag. Put out bowls of jellybeans in all different shades and decorate other edibles, like cupcakes and cookies, with a frosting rainbow.


Video of the Day

Gay Trivia

Play a game of gay-centric trivia.

Gay history stretches back hundreds of years, from Ancient Greece, when men loved and fought alongside each other, to today, when popular celebs come out of the closet and live their lives openly. Play a fun trivia game with questions touching on various periods of gay and lesbian history to celebrate pride and heritage. Break guests into teams or have people play against one another, earning points for every correctly answered question. Keep a few difficult ones aside for a sudden death or bonus round, and award a fun prize to the person who earns the most points.


Gay Movie Marathon

Have a mini gay film festival.

The world of gay cinema has come a long way. For years, movies depicting gay characters portrayed them as over the top and anguished by their lifestyle; in today's more liberal world, such films are unintentionally hilarious. And there are plenty of genuinely excellent gay films from the modern era too. Rent or download a collection of gay movies, from the worst to the best, and a few starring gay icons like Liza Minnelli and Cher to round things out. Serve food and snacks and lay out plenty of pillows and blankets to make guests comfortable.


Costume Contest

Have everyone dress up for a fun drag party!

Gay men in particular have a long history of drag culture, dressing as women and acting in a funny, dramatic fashion, and lesbians even get in on the game by making themselves over to look like men. Have a drag party, encouraging everyone to put on their wildest clothes and makeup. Encourage people to dress as their favorite gay icon, like Barbara Streisand, or a favorite gay celebrity, for extra fun, and award a prize for the best outfit.


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