High School Graduation Gift Ideas for Boys

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Don't forget to get him a gift to help celebrate his graduation.

After four years of high school and more than a decade of education since first grade, he is ready to graduate. He may be a friend, relative, or acquaintance. If you know the graduate well enough, you may wish to purchase him a gift to celebrate this long road that he has completed. The gift can range from practical to purely entertaining.


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Digital Cameras and Recorders

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After graduating high school, the student will have a several opportunities to create memories. That summer will be a time to celebrate completing high school with his friends and will present many opportunities for digital photographing or recording. The graduate can take the digital camera or video recorder to college to record and share activities with friends or family.


Laptop Computers

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Laptop computers come in a variety of styles. There are the traditional laptops which start around 13 inches in diameter for screen size. There are also "netbooks," which are much smaller, with five- or seven-inch screens. These computers can be used by students as they enter the workforce or attend college. The limited amount of space each takes make them gifts that are popular for boys heading to college, instead of large and bulky desktop computers.



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Whether he is moving away from home to go to school or into his own living accommodations to prepare for entering the workplace, he'll need furniture. Even if he is staying home, he might want something to accessorize his room. This could be small items such as a table and chairs or computer desk to larger pieces of furniture such as a couch or bed.


Weekend Vacation

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Reserve a hotel room or small house for the graduate and several of his friends to get out of town and celebrate graduation. By reserving the accommodations yourself, you will be able to choose a location that is safe for the gift recipient. Help offset other expenses he will have while on vacation by giving him gift certificates to restaurants in the town that you choose.


Sporting Event Tickets

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Purchase him tickets to a local professional sporting event. This could be tickets for a sports season that is underway at the time of graduation or for an upcoming sports season. Purchase at least two tickets so he can take a friend or family member with him to share the experience with.