Fun & Embarrassing Birthday Party Games for Teens

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Plan a funny but potentially embarrassing game or two for your teen at her next party.

Anytime teens get together, it doesn't take much for them to have fun. But if you're throwing your teenager a birthday party, it will help make the event more memorable and entertaining if you have a few party games planned in advance. Teens love to tease and give one another a hard time, and they'll have a blast playing one or two embarrassing but fun birthday party games.


Liar Liar

Give each teen a piece of paper and a pencil and ask her to write down three things about herself: two that are true, and one that is a lie. Teens take turns reading their lists aloud, and the rest of the group must vote on which is the lie. If they guess right, the teen has to reveal one more secret truth about herself. Because the idea is to make others think the truths are lies, teens will have to write some revealing or surprising things about themselves to not get caught in the lie.


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Never Done It

This game also encourages teens to reveal potentially embarrassing things about themselves. To start, everyone holds up 10 fingers. Teens take turns confessing something they have done, like "cheated on a boy/girlfriend" or "peeked at someone's test." If the other teens have never done it, they lower one finger, counting down from 10 to zero. This game can go either way, depending on whether it's more embarrassing to have or have not done the action in question.


Pass the Orange

This game can get embarrassing and hilarious very quickly. Have teens sit in a circle, and hand one an orange. Each teen also needs to wear a blindfold. The first player holds the orange between his chin and neck, then has to pass it, blindfolded, to his neighbor. Anytime the orange falls, the person passing it is out and can sit back and watch the game continue. Continue until all that's left are two blindfolded teens passing an orange back and forth and trying not to be the one who's out.


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