Painting Ideas for Kitchen Countertops

Give old, basic white kitchen countertops a brand new look with a coat of paint.
Give old, basic white kitchen countertops a brand new look with a coat of paint. (Image: Kitchen image by armanxo from

If you're short on cash and your kitchen countertops could use an update, painting your countertops can give your kitchen the brand new look you crave without burning through a pile a cash. Although painted countertops typically do not last as long as installing a brand-new countertop material, such as stone or laminate, painted countertops can last for years if they're well-maintained.

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Stay Basic

If you don't have a countertop look in mind and you just want to get rid of your 1970s mustard yellow kitchen countertop, stay basic. Apply a coat or two of countertop paint in a single color, like white, black or tan to give your countertop a whole new look. If you don't like the look once you've painted, you can always add another color or two later to create a more elaborate look.

Stencil It

In a rustic or country kitchen, add detail to plain countertops with a stencil. If your kitchen countertops are already a single plain color, purchase a stencil from your local craft store, and use it to paint the stencil design along the back edge of your countertop. Continue the stencil from one end of the counter to the other for a completed look. If your countertops are an unusual color, paint them a basic color, like white, before adding the stenciling. You can purchase stencils in a wide range of designs, including vines and flowers.

Go Bold

If you're planning to replace your counters completely in a year or two and you love color, go bold. Paint your countertops a single bold color, such as yellow or red, or mix up the look by creating a painted checkerboard with white and a bold color, like bright blue. Painting your countertops a bold color is not recommended if you're planning to sell your home before replacing the countertops again, since many people do not like bold colors.

Create a Stone Look

Make your countertops look more high-end by creating a stone look with a coat of paint. You can create a granite or marble look by hand, using a basic stone look painting technique, or you can purchase special countertop paint specifically formulated to create a stone look. For a more convincing finished product, apply the stone look to countertops with rounded edges that look similar to cut stone.


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