Liquor Gift Basket Ideas

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A gift basket provides a variety of options if you're looking for a gift for someone who recently turned 21 years of age, or for someone who just enjoys liquor. Put together a liquor gift basket with all the ingredients for the recipient prepare a specific type of drink, or expand her horizons and include some liquors she might not have tried in the past.


Mojito Basket

Prepare a mojito drink night with a few essential ingredients in the gift basket. Start the gift basket off with a bottle of high quality sugar cane rum. Include a pestle to muddle--or crush--the lime to release its juices in the bottom of the drink cup. A lime is traditional, but you could include other fruits such as a blood orange, cherries, or other tropical choices in the basket for flavored mojitos. A small bottle of seltzer water and sugar finish off the basket.


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Margarita Basket

Margarita baskets can be prepared under the assumption that the recipient already has the tools to make the frozen drink, or you can include the blender or a margarita mixer in the basket. Include a couple different types of tequila in the basket along with margarita mixes. Don't forget the salt or sugar for the rim. If the recipient will enjoy making different flavored margaritas, choose a couple different fruit flavors for the mixers. The recipient will also need a glass to enjoy his margarita; include a couple so he can share.


Soda and Liquor Basket

Sometimes you don't need a complex mixer for your mixed drink--just a little soda will do. Create a gift basket with a couple different types of liquors, along with a bottle of cola. Make it a rum and coke basket by including varieties such as traditional rum, spiced rum, coconut rum and fruit flavored rum to let the recipient try a few different types. The same thing can be done with vodka, using flavored vodkas instead of rum. If the recipient prefers a stronger flavored liquor, include either Jack Daniels or a bottle of bourbon.


Shot Basket

Sometimes your recipient will prefer not to mix his liquor with a mixer. For those occasions, compile a gift basket featuring small bottles of various liquors to serve as shots. Some of these include high quality tequila, vodka and bourbon. Other options are flavored liquors such as sour apple pucker or creme de menthe. Include a variety of shot glasses in the gift basket, in different shapes and colors for the recipient to use to help him differentiate the shots he prepares.



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