Casino-Themed Party Ideas & Games for Kids

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Kid-friendly casino games can entertain kids at a casino-themed party.

While kids may be too young to play adult-oriented betting games such as blackjack and poker, they may engage in kid-friendly games at a casino-themed party. Aside from enjoying miniature roulette wheels and slot machines, kids can engage in casino party games incorporating chance, whether via the flip of a card, a coin or a roll of the dice.


Beat The Dealer

Similar to the game show "Card Sharks," "Beat the Dealer" requires kids to guess whether cards will be higher or lower than the preceding card. With aces played as the highest card, an adult dealer flips over one card, leaving kids to make their "higher or lower" guess. The game ends whenever kids guess incorrectly. Kids making a high number of consecutive correct guesses win small prizes.


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Casino Go Fish

A classic children's card game receives the casino treatment in "Casino Go Fish." An adult dealer distributes five playing cards each to five kids, placing the remaining cards in the middle of the table alongside poker chips. Players try collecting groups of four of the same card; for instance, four "queen" cards. When players need cards to complete a group, they ask other players if they have any of that card. If other players cannot help, the seeking players "Go Fish" and pick a card from the center pile, as well as a poker chip. The player getting rid of all of his cards first--and collecting the least amount of poker chips--wins.


Giant Dice Games

Taking the casino festivities outdoors, kids depend on the roll of a dice to determine their fate in large dice games. An adult either wraps two large same-shape-and-size boxes in white paper or paints the boxes white; the adult then draws dot symbols representing numbers 1 to 6 on each box side. For "Giant Dice Race," kids divide into two even-numbered teams, lining up and standing 20 feet away from each other. With one kid from each team rolling simultaneously, the team rolling the higher number tries catching players from the opposite team before they reach a predetermined safe point, such as a tree. Tagged players join the team that caught them. The team with the most players after a predetermined number of rolls wins the game.


When playing "Roll the Dice," kids form two lines and take turns racing one on one, rolling a large die to a finish line and back. The first kid returning to the start line scores 1 point. Players race multiple times and should not race against the same kid each time. The kid scoring the most points after a predetermined number of races wins. As variations, kids compete to roll the higher or lower number, or correctly guess what number they will roll.


High-Rolling Two-Up

Kids double their "heads or tails" guesses in this casino party game. In an open area, an adult uses a cutting board to flip two coins. Placing bets using poker chips or play money, kids guess whether the two coins will land on "heads," "tails" or one of each. Players correctly guessing a "head-head" or "tail-tail" result double their "money," while players correctly guessing a "head-tail" result earn four times their amount of "money."


Homemade Bingo

Bingo serves as a kid-friendly casino party game. After distributing homemade bingo cards to kids, the adult shakes a bag of numbered paper slips and pulls out numbers one at a time. If the called number appears on their card, kids mark off the spot with a poker chip. The first kid to score five diagonal, horizontal or vertical numbers on her card shouts "Bingo" and wins a small prize.



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