Goodbye Party Game Ideas

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Saying goodbye to a friend or loved one does not always come easily. But by throwing a goodbye party, you may find that saying farewell does not have to become a sad and trying event while you play games and share in some laughs. So gather up all of your mutual friends and give the person a farewell he won't soon forget.


Two Truths and a Lie

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To commemorate the time spent with your friend, have everyone offer their own accounts detailing the various activities they did together. Twist the basic premise, though, to have the players state two things that actually happened, and one thing that did not. The departing person does not get to weigh in while the other guests try to decide which of the three things happened and which statement couldn't have happened.

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Each player takes a turn giving their three statements until everyone has guessed, according to The person who guessed the most falsehoods and truths correctly wins the game.

Funny Face Contest

While your party guests mingle, stalk them with a camera as you try to catch them in as unflattering a light as possible. For instance, if someone cocks her head back as they laugh, take a picture as quickly as possible to catch the strange look on her face. After you've taken plenty of photos, near the end of the party, sit everyone around the computer and go through each picture, as suggested by


All of the guests can vote on who among them had the funniest expressions on their faces. Whoever wins gets his picture posted online. The game can help your parting friend remember the good times had with loved ones at your party.

To Speak or Not to Speak

In case you have cause to worry that your party guests may feel a little too sad during the goodbye party, restrict them from saying certain words. Think of about 10 words or phrases that relate to saying goodbye, such as "farewell," "miss you" and "so long" and write them on a white board that everyone can see throughout the duration of the party. Give each person a bag filled with 10 candies, as suggested by Every time a guest says one of the prohibited words, he has to take out one of the candies from his bag. The person with the most candies at the end of the party wins the game. Then, your party guests can finally say their goodbyes.