Valentine Party Name Ideas

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Give your Valentine party a name to remember.
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Give your Valentine party a name that lets your guests know what's on your mind. Are you sadly single or happily so? Are you celebrating a union that's still going strong, or looking for company for your misery? Choose a title for any Valentine occasion, from a kids' get-together to a grown-ups' gala, and get the party started.


Singles' Celebrations

For everyone who's in love alone, go retro with "Stupid Cupid," from the song written by Mandy Moore and sung by Connie Francis, or "Unchain My Heart," from the song written by Bobby Sharp and sung by Ray Charles. For the happily single, throw a Solo Mojo, Single Flingle or Red Riot. Invite all of the shy people to a Bashful Bash.


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Valentine Parties for the Broken-Hearted

Even though Valentine's Day means romance, some folks are just too unhappy to celebrate. Party darkly with a Heartache Wake, Split-Up Shindig, Phhhhhhhhht Party, Hostile Hearts Hop or Partying of the Ways.


Couples' Valentine Parties

Celebrate long-term love with a Pink Flamingo Party (in honor of the birds' monogamous habits), Soulmate Soiree, Warm Reception, Fated-To-Be Fete or an I-Do Do.

Parties for New Valentines

The newly in love might prefer to spend time alone together, but if you can -persuade them to come to a party, have an Affair of the Heart, Hearts Afire Festival, Blast of Love, Raging Romantics Ball, Purple Passion Gala or Infatuation Celebration.


Just for Kids

Invite kids to a Conversation Hearts Ball, Like-ly Event, Happy Hearts Hop, Hearty Party, V-Day Blast, Diva Do, Heart of a Princess Party or an I Love Sports Spree.


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