Gift Ideas for a Polish Christening

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A Polish Christening is a special event in the life of the child and the family. It's the ceremony in which the child is dedicated to Christ and the church he is a part of. One of the most common ways people show their support and dedication to the child's life in God is by giving gifts. For a Polish Christening it's a good idea to incorporate Polish culture and traditions into the gift-giving for an added personal touch.


Polish Prayer

Have a famous prayer such as The Lord's Prayer engraved on a plaque in Polish. If the recipient doesn't read or understand Polish, have the engraver, engrave the English version as well. Another idea is to write your own personal prayer for the child's life and have it translated into Polish. Print the personal prayer out using a home computer and printer and frame the prayer. It can be put on display on the wall or on the top of a desk.


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Give a cross in the form of a wall-hanging or jewelry. The cross can be engraved with the person's name or Christian inspirational words such as "faith, love or hope" written in Polish. Accompanying the cross-gift write a short note explaining why you chose to give a cross and the significance behind the word or words you chose to have engraved on it



Give a Bible that they child can use as she grows up. Have the front of the Bible engraved with the person's name and the symbol of Poland in the middle of the front of the Bible. The Eagle has been Poland's national symbol for over a thousand years. The Eagle is also significant in Christianity representing strength and determination.


Polish Devotional

A devotional written by Polish clergy or about a Polish saint is another great gift. Giving a Polish devotional will serve a dual purpose as the child gets older and begins to read it. It will educate him about his roots in Polish culture and help deepen his spiritual growth. Giving a devotional is like giving a personal Bible instructor. The devotional will be very useful as the child begins to grow in her faith and in God.



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