Games to Play With Chocolate

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Playing games with chocolate is a fun way to entertain.

Playing games with chocolate is a fun way to incorporate a sweet treat with an engaging activity. Children and adults will both enjoy playing games with chocolate. Choose games that will appeal to you guests, keeping in mind how many players will participate. At a chocolate themed party, play a variety of chocolate games to entertain guests.


Guess the Chocolate

Unwrap several different types of chocolate bars and place them on a platter. Blindfold a player and have the player take a bite out of one candy bar, then guess what chocolate bar it is. As an alternative, you can have guests feel the outside of an unwrapped chocolate bar and then guess the type of chocolate bar.


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Chocolate Dress Up

Have guests sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle, place an unwrapped chocolate bar on a plate with a knife and fork. Place a hat, scarf and gloves near the plate. Give one guest a pair of dice and have the guest roll the dice. When a guest gets a double while rolling the dice, they go into the middle of the circle and put on the hat, scarf and gloves while they eat the chocolate with a knife and fork. The other players continue to roll the dice. When someone else achieves a double, they switch with the player in the middle of the circle. The game continues until the chocolate bar is consumed.


Chocolate Hunt

Obtain a plate for each player and put a large amount of whipped cream on each plate. Hide small, unwrapped chocolates in the whipped cream piles. Players keep their hands behind their backs while they find the hidden chocolates using their mouth. The player who finds the chocolates first wins.


Chocolate Jar Guessing Game

Fill a glass jar with a large amount of small, unwrapped chocolates. Count the chocolates as you fill the jar and write down the final amount. Have players guess how many chocolates are in the jar. The player closest to the correct answer wins the jar of chocolate.



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