Christian Wedding Shower Games

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Bridal showers replaced the traditional dowry. The purpose of these events is to shower the couple with items needed to begin their new life together. Though tradition called for someone other than the bride's family to host the shower, 21st-century wedding etiquette allows the bride's family to either host or be involved in planning the shower.


Bible Sweethearts

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Bible Sweethearts is a fun game for a Christian bridal shower.
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Bible Sweethearts is a great Bible-based bridal shower game. The object of the game is to match the men's names with their sweetheart. Provide each guest with a sheet of paper containing two lists: one list with names of men from the Bible and one list of their significant others' names. Instruct the guests to match them correctly. For example, Adam would match with Eve, Ahab would match with Jezebel and so on. The guest with the most correct matches will win a prize.

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Bible Scavenger Hunt

Incorporate Bible passages into your shower games.

Divide your guests into teams of four, and provide each team member with a Bible. Read off a list of verses for each team to find. The first team to find the Bible passage wins a point. At the end of the game, add up the points to determine the winning team.


Bible Bingo

Bingo hall

Create Bible Bingo cards by replacing the traditional numbered squares with pictures, words or verses from the Bible. Don't forget the free square in the middle. Make sure to move around the squares so there are no duplicate cards, and print enough for each guest. Also, print a list of the pictures, words or verses you've used so that you can cut them apart and pull out of a hat. At the beginning of each game, inform players of the pattern they need to make in order to win.


Guess It, Sing It

Sing a song.

Compile a list of the bride-to-be's favorite Christian songs, and gather CDs to use for clips of each. Assign each song a number before beginning the game. Each player will pick a number that coordinates with a song. As each player takes a turn, play a song so that the player can guess the song title correctly and sing one entire line of the song to earn a point. At the conclusion of the game, which can last as many rounds as you desire, the player with the most points wins a prize.


Pin the Bouquet on the Bride

Bridal bouquet

Before the start of the bridal shower, draw a life-size bride on paper, and attach it to a door. Draw or print important parts of the bride, such as hair, facial features, wedding garb, jewelry or flowers, on separate sheets of paper. Give each participant a piece of paper to attach to the life-size bride. Then, blindfold the guests and spin them around before having them approach the bride and pin their piece on her. The winner is the player who placed her piece closest to where it actually belongs on the bride.