Teenage Anniversary Ideas

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Express your feelings through words, pictures or activities to share.

When you're a teenager, celebrating an anniversary is as important at the one-month stage as it is at the one-year milestone. The best anniversary ideas usually involve personalized gifts, handmade gifts or spending time together in a place that's special for both of you. Instead of a store-bought card, give one you made yourself. Handwritten notes are always more meaningful, especially in a new relationship.


Every Picture Tells a Story

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Tell the other person how you feel without saying a word. Simply spell it out with a homemade photo card. This mini-book can tell the story of your relationship, or you can treat it as an adventure book. Show the two of you taking an imaginary voyage. First, gather photos of the two of you. Cut out figures and faces. Paste them on paper. You can draw stick figure bodies on your photo heads. Alternately, glue the photos onto exotic backgrounds cut out from magazines. Create several scenes, and write a romantic dialogue that reflects experiences you've shared, inside jokes, hopes and dreams. When you've created three to five scenes, punch a hole in the top right corner of each page and tie them together with a ribbon. Be sure to sign the card with your own heartfelt message, making the card a true keepsake.

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Try Something New

Find something neither of you has done before, then try it together. It doesn't have to be anything dangerous or nerve-wracking (no skydiving, for example); just choose something that's new. It will take each of you out of your comfort zone. It will also give both of you a bonding experience when it's accomplished. Things to try include going to a poetry slam (bonus points for participating), renting a kayak and paddling on a local lake or river, challenging each other to an arcade video game duel or making a pie from scratch.


Recreate the First Date

Celebrate the fun you had on your first date by doing it all over again. Whether you went to dinner, to the movies or to the mall, retrace your steps. Tell each other what you were thinking while on the date. If you were nervous about holding your new boyfriend's hand, tell him…and then tell him how much it means to hold hands now, as a couple. Tell him what made you notice him in the first place. Ask him to tell you the same thing. Sharing moments like these are good ways to break the ice and build a close friendship and romantic relationship.


Message in a Locker

Write a short (less than 10 word) message to your girlfriend, one word at a time. Put each word on a separate sheet of paper. Put each piece of paper in a manila envelope. If you like, add flower petals or glitter inside the envelope. Address the envelope as if you were going to mail it, leaving off your return address and the postage. Put all the envelopes in your backpack. Bring them to school on the day of your anniversary. Each time you pass your girlfriend's locker, slip one of the envelopes inside. By the end of the day, she'll have a complete message celebrating your anniversary.


Rock Steady

This is a two-part idea that you'll need to plan about a week before your anniversary. The first part involves taking your boyfriend on a walk or a hike--anywhere you can stop and pick up a rock. Make sure your boyfriend sees you pick it up; you can tell him you're starting a collection or that you just want a little souvenir. Slip it in your pocket and bring it home. During the following week, paint a message on the rock. It can be short and sweet message from you or a cheeky dialogue bubble that makes it look like the rock itself has something to say. Use acrylic paint for a glossy finish, as tempera paint can wash off. Make sure you paint your name, his name and the date on the rock. Give it to him on your anniversary.


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