Christmas Gifts to Buy for High School Boys

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There may be one task more difficult that searching for the perfect Christmas gift for a teenage girl: searching for the perfect Christmas gift for a teenage boy. By high school, your young man has probably outgrown baseball cards and bubble gum. He will want a gift that is more suited for his new mature outlook on life, and that can be a challenge for a parent. There are several gifts that will make your high schooler smile this Christmas.


Car and Truck Accessories

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This idea works well whether or not your teenage boy is 16 years of age or owns his own car or not. Many times giving a boy younger than the legal driving age a car inspired gift will give him hope that someday he will have his own set of wheels. You may want to purchase new rims and tires for a car or truck or give him a new CD or MP3 player to listen to his favorite music. Gift certificate for car washes and gas is also a great way to give him money for his vehicle, without having to give him cold, impersonal cash.

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Electronics and Video Games

Most teenage boys are technology buffs and would enjoy nothing more than the gift of electronics. A new computer, MP3 player or video game system would not only be a great gift, these items will keep him occupied for several hours. The hottest video game will also make a wonderful stocking stuffer. If you are not sure what game or gadget your teenager would enjoy, give him a gift card to a chain electronic store or any other major retail outlet that sells electronics.



Clothing for Christmas does not have to be socks and underwear. A high school age boy might enjoy a t-shirt or sweatshirt bearing his high school colors or his favorite sports team. A professional football team's jersey is also another great choice. Many young men are into fashion, so a pair of designer jeans or the hot pair of sneakers will also appeal to his sense of style.



Give your teenage boy the gift of an experience this Christmas. One idea might be snowboarding lessons along with a brand new snowboard. You may also want to consider sky diving lessons or a day behind the wheel of a professional race car. A more expensive gift choice might be a weekend away hiking or at a video game convention with a couple of his friends, and a parent for a chaperone.



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