Ideas for Graduation Party for Doctor

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By the time a person has completed medical school, he or she will have on average, spent eight years at the university level. Those who become doctors sacrifice time with friends and family in the process. It's definitely cause for a big celebration when graduation rolls around. Throwing a great graduation party for a newly-minted doctor is not hard with proper preparation and planning.


Fine Dining

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Chances are the new MD will have many friends and family members in town for the graduation. Reserve a private room in an upscale restaurant for a high-class, low-key celebration. Invite out-of-town guests in addition to in-town friends. Make sure to get an accurate head count of attendees beforehand to give to the restaurant. Arrange for a special champagne toast in honor of the new graduate.

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Doctor-Themed Party

Throw a doctor-themed party for your new MD. What could be more appropriate? Find a suitable location and set up the entryway as a doctor's waiting room. Invite guests to dress up as doctors, nurses and patients. Have someone dress up as a receptionist to staff the front desk, where they'll hand each entering guest a clip board. Instead of filling out forms, the guest can write notes and wishes for the guest of honor. Decorate the tables with fake doctor's instruments, which can be found at toy stores and some party stores.


Family BBQ

A new doctor put in a huge amount of work to get there. He or she would probably appreciate a chance to relax. Have a small gathering of friends and family members at someone's house. Perhaps the graduate would enjoy hosting at his or her residence, where they'd feel most at home. Make it a low-key event with the focus being on spending time with each other, enjoying the company. Don't forget to give the graduate a few moments in the spotlight. Have a toast, present them with a cake and extend a hearty congratulations.


Joint Party With Fellow Graduates

Doctors often become very close to their classmates, spending many long hours together researching, learning and studying. There's no reason your time together has to end once you get your diplomas. Throw a joint party with your fellow classmates and live it up one last time. Go out to a gathering place you enjoyed together during medical school and celebrate your achievements.


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