Gift Ideas for a Daughter's Boyfriend

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Buying presents for your kids is often a daunting task, especially for teenagers. When a boyfriend comes along, it can only mean more gift-giving headaches. A gift can also be an opportunity for you to express affection or approval toward someone you are not always well acquainted with. What constitutes the right gift depends on the relationship you have with your daughter's boyfriend.


A Gift Card to Break the Ice

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A father's fondness for his daughter makes the relationship between this man and a potential (but not yet) son-in-law sometimes difficult. An icebreaker will typically be needed early in the relationship between the two men. A "sure thing" type of gift, such as a book or a DVD, is always welcome. If you run out of ideas, gift cards are available from every retailer. A gift card provides the purchasing power of money and yet is packaged as a gift.


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Accessories for the iPod Lover

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It is always tempting to look for the latest technological wonder and buy it as a gift. The problem, however, is that the new iPod is often expensive; chances are that your daughter's boyfriend will already have one. Accessories, on the other hand, are more affordable, fun and often innovative. The Apple website offers a wide range of gadgets to select for an iPod. The docking station/remote control combo and the colorful cases, in particular, are popular among iPod enthusiasts.


A Ticket to an Event

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A gift can also be an opportunity to bond and further your relationship with your daughter's boyfriend. Offering to go to a show, a concert or a sporting event is more than just a gift. It is also an occasion to get together and spend time with him without putting him on the spot. Finding a ticket is made easy by websites like Ticketmaster. It allows you to find out what is showing at your local theaters, concert halls and museums.



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