The Best Kitchen Drawer Liners

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Kitchen drawer liners enjoy drastic updates from contact paper that is sticky, hard to place, eventually dries out and shifts in your drawers. There are several types of material to choose, from cork, lattice or plastic. Drawer liners may range from a solid color to brightly scented floral patterns. You may buy an adhesive-backed drawer liner or choose from an array of non-adhesive washable styles.

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Cork kitchen drawer liners provide a soft cushion for your fine silver and serving utensils. Cork liners have an adhesive peel-off backing to apply them to drawers. There are several basic colors available in this type of liner. Cork resists mold and mildew because it can expand and contracts based on moisture content.


Lattice drawer liners provide a non-slip area for dishes and utensils so they stay in place when the drawer is opened and closed. These liners have an open weave design that provides more air circulation so damp utensils, pots and pans can dry quickly. Non-adhesive liners are easy to cut with scissors for drawer placement and are washer- and dryer-safe so they can be cleaned and reused.

There are several styles of non-adhesive drawer liners. A solid style, which doesn't provide circulation in its design, is best used in drawers where moisture is unlikely to be found. Ribbed styles provide air circulation, hastening the drying process and minimizing chances for mold and mildew. Smooth styles facilitate the moving of heavy pots and pans.


An open weave design incorporates itself into a zigzag drawer liner. This material is thick but allows breathing for air circulation. The thicker design protects items from slipping when opening and closing the drawers, protects silverware and the bottoms of copper pots from scarring.

Bright floral patterns are available with a padded backing to protect the bottoms of drawers in your antique pie safes and sideboards. Some of the floral patterns have embedded scents to keep drawers and antiques smelling fresh.


There is an array of plastic drawer liners in solid colors. This type is available in many thicknesses to provide the level of protection needed for your fine items. Thicker solid plastic liners do not breathe as well, but protect drawers and the items in them.


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