How to Decorate a Shepherd's Hook

Things You'll Need

  • Spray paint

  • Acrylic paint

  • Fine-tipped paintbrush

  • Strings of lights

  • Stickers

  • Bead strings

Attract birds to your yard with a feeder hanging from a shepherd's hook.

Shepherd's hooks are versatile metal objects designed for use in outdoor landscaping. The hooks are narrow pieces of metal that resemble the staffs that shepherds traditionally carry and come in varying heights. Typically, the objects are used to hang items such as plants, birdfeeders and outdoor lanterns. Shepherd hooks are most commonly made of metal painted in a silver or black color, but you can easily add your own personality with the right decorating supplies.

Step 1

Spray paint the shepherd's hook the color of your choice as a subtle way to decorate the object. Use a metal primer beforehand to ensure a better finish.

Step 2

Paint intricate designs or patterns onto the shepherd's hook using a fine-tipped brush and acrylic paint. Use bright, bold colors to make the item stand out in your yard.

Step 3

Paint the shepherd's hook white and add red stripes to create a candy cane Christmas decoration.

Step 4

Wrap strands of lights around the body of the shepherd's hook. Place several similarly decorated hooks throughout your yard to serve as outdoor mood lighting in the summer or holiday decorations in the winter.

Step 5

Arrange stickers in a collage on the shepherd's hook. This makes a good project for children and can be used in a kid's play area or garden.

Step 6

Make long strings of beads by stringing them onto a metal wire. Wrap the beads around the shepherd's hook and glue them into place.


Decorated shepherd's hooks are hard to find. If you enjoy this type of project, consider making batches of them to sell at local craft fairs.