Fun Games to Play at a 10-Year High School Reunion

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Ten years is long enough to have made some major changes and progress in your life, but a short enough time that you still remember some faces, places and trends from your high school days. A number of different games work very well for a 10-year reunion, some based on the way things were and others based on what folks are doing today.


Baby Match

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This game lets guests match the baby pictures with the people from the graduating class. Have each person who was invited to the reunion send in a baby picture prior to the event, even if the person does not plan to attend. Place all the baby pictures on a piece of foam core, with a number next to each one. Reunion guests fill out a numbered sheet, trying to guess each person in each baby picture. The winner is the person who gets the most correct.

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High School Match

This game awards a prize to the person who looks the most similar to how he or she did 10 years ago when the class was graduating. You can use a board covered in pictures and labeled with the attendees' names for reference. You can also ask the folks attending the reunion to dress as they did a decade ago, with the same types of fashions, makeup, hairstyles and the like. This game should be limited to those who are at the reunion, so set up the board of photos once everyone has sent in their RSVP.


Graduation Trivia

Trivia from your graduation year can make for a fun game, whether it be culled from popular culture or specifically from the school. Have one person act as the game show host who will read off the questions and keep score. The rest of the attendees are broken into groups, each with a team leader. The host goes around the room, asking a question to each group. If the group answers correctly, they get one point. If they answer incorrectly, the question circulates around the room until it is answered correctly. Questions can include particular teachers' names, habits, classroom or sport team lore. They can also include popular commercials, songs, fashions, hotspots or other notable trends during that era.


10 Years Later Awards

This game is won by a number of folks, each of whom should be the recipient of a special award. The awards should fall along the same lines as those that were meted out in high school. These often include titles such as class clown, class flirt, most eccentric and most likely to succeed. Have each attendee send in a small paragraph explaining what he or she has been up to for the past 10 years, along with a photo of himself or herself. The same awards that were given out in high school are given out again, this time to the people who best match the titles 10 years later. You can also make up a number of new awards to gauge people's progress. These may include titles like farthest traveled, biggest family and most unusual career.



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