Things to Do With Starbucks' Bottles

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Glass bottles can be reused for many things around your home.

If you are a caffeine junkie, but can't make it to Starbucks everyday, chances are you have some empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottles in the trash can or recycling bin. Recycling keeps our planet healthy, but instead of placing those bottles into a recycling bin or taking them to the nearest recycling center, reuse those bottles for creative and decorative purposes around your home.


Flower Vase

Starbucks' bottles have wide openings at the top of the bottle, making them a "green" choice for holding flowers. Remove the label from the bottle and clean it with warm soapy water. Leave the bottle looking like a bottle or decorate it with paint or other recycled materials around your home. Place fresh cut flowers or buy a small silk flower bouquet to place in your new vase.


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Basket Accents

Giving a gift basket is popular, creative and useful to the individual receiving it. Organize loose items in a basket using Starbucks' glass bottles. Create scented bath salts and place them inside the bottles. You can also put pasta, oil and vinegar or buttons and sewing items into the bottles. The theme of the basket you are gifting is what determines the items you will place in each bottle. Create tags on each bottle using ribbon and a decorative tag for a more decorative looking bottle.



Organize items in a craft, hobby or utility room by using these wide mouthed bottles. Organize loose items, such as nuts and bolts, nails, screws, buttons or even change. Place the caps on the top and label the bottles if you decorate them or leave them clear so you always know what is in each bottle. Store the bottles on a shelf or in a closet.


Decorative Uses

Use your imagination to create other useful ideas for reusing a Starbucks bottle. Save the bottles to use as a birthday or sleepover craft and allow the children to create sand art bottles using colored sand. Decorate two bottles with paint or paper, or fill them with small and decorative items. Place the caps back on and use them as chic-looking bookends. Spruce up your office or desk area by reusing a bottle as a pen holder and stick important messages on a repurposed bottle so you won't forget.



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