How to Make Your Own Play Coins

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Things You'll Need

  • Variety of real coins

  • Cardboard

  • Pen

  • Scissors

  • Aluminum foil

  • Flattening object

Making play coins is easy.

Making play coins is a fun craft for children 3 and older. You can use play coins to teach children different value amounts or to carry out simple math equations. They also can be used to play "store" to purchase items or to do simple magic tricks, such as making a coin "disappear" and then "reappear."


Step 1

Place one of your coins on a piece of cardboard. Use a pen to carefully trace around the coin.

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Step 2

Cut out the coin shape from the cardboard using your scissors.

Step 3

Wrap the cardboard coin in foil so that it is covered completely. Use a small piece of aluminum foil, dull side down and shiny side on top.


Step 4

Smooth out the foil covering on the front of the cardboard coin with any object that has a flat, hard surface. Work carefully so you do not rip the foil. You can use the lid or bottom of a small, round pill bottle as long as it has a flat, hard surface. If children are using the pill bottle, make sure you supervise them and remove the pill bottle as soon as they are finished with it. Use your fingers to press the foil neatly on the back of the cardboard coin.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1 to 4 using coins of different sizes.


There are many variations you can do making fake coins. Instead of using aluminum foil, for example, you can paint the cardboard coins a gold or silver color, then draw a number amount on the coin with a marker.

You also could buy some round, plastic poker chips and cover them with aluminum foil instead of using cardboard.

To make more realistic-looking coins, you can print templates of coins from such sites as with different amounts on them that say "The United States Of America." Cut out the paper coins and glue them to the cardboard. Then cut out the cardboard coins.


Young children should not play with small objects as they can put them in their mouth and choke on them. Always supervise children when making small craft items and remove small objects after play or craft time.


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