How to Make a Cone Out of Cardboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Recycled cereal box

  • Scissors

  • Duct tape

  • Pencil

Many items come in conical shapes.

A cone is a three-dimensional shape that tapers from a flat, circular base up to a pointed apex. Making your own cone can serve myriad purposes, from educating young children on geometric shapes to building part of a model to creating a costume accessory. All you need is a light, thin piece of cardboard, such as the side of a cereal box, and a few simple items found in most houses.


Step 1

Open a recycled cereal box, gently pulling at the seams until you have a flat piece of cardboard.

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Step 2

Draw a large isosceles triangle onto the plain side of the cardboard with a pencil. Make the two equal sides straight lines and the third side curved. Your triangle will look like a wedge-shaped piece of pie.


Step 3

Cut out the triangle along the pencil guidelines.

Step 4

Shape the cardboard triangle into a cone by slightly overlapping the equal sides and taping along the seam with duct tape.


Use a big piece of poster board to make a megaphone that you can bring to sporting events. Paint your school letters on it. The poster board and letters should be in the colors of your school.

Use the cone as your base for a papier mache mountain, or several cones for a mountain range. For a model, attach the mountains to a thick cardboard platform and cover it with cotton so it looks like snow.

Make a tall cone out of pink poster board, then attach a thin strip of pink tulle to the top and decorate with glitter glue to create a princess hat.


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