Date Night Gift Basket Ideas

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Surprise someone special with fresh flowers and a picnic.

Date night gift baskets are a clever way to wrap all of the elements for a great date into a tidy package. Giving a carefully selected gift to a romantic partner is an expression of admiration or tenderness, says Theresa E. DiDonato, Ph.D. in her article "Gift-Giving in Romantic Relationships." Create a date-night basket for your partner or give this special kind of gift to a friend or family member. The small items you include will add up to a night of enjoyment. Choose a theme for the basket and select a few quality items to make the night sparkle. If the couple has kids, include a coupon offer for a night of babysitting.


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Movie Night

A movie night date gift basket invites a couple to kick back and enjoy a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment. Use a popcorn bucket as your "basket" and decide if the gift is for a relaxing night at home or an evening out at the cinema. For a night out, include a gift card good for two movie tickets, popcorn and a beverage if your budget allows. Fill the bucket with a few packs of microwave popcorn, a selection of toppings and classic movie candies. Include a DVD of the couple's favorite movie or a few classics they haven't seen and a gift card to the local pizzeria so they don't have to cook dinner.


Gourmet Dinner

For a couple who likes to cook together or wants to learn how to, a gourmet dinner basket offers a complete evening of nourishment and flavor. Choose a cuisine they enjoy like Thai, Italian, French or Indian food. Include any necessary spices they don't already have and a small cookbook or write out your own favorite recipe on a sheet of rice paper. Include hard-to-find items like particular pastas, noodles or rice, and add as many fresh herbs and vegetables as possible. The fresh produce will ensure they enjoy the gift basket within a week so the ingredients don't go to waste.


Wine Basket

Couples who love wine are always up to try a new kind. Pack a bottle of red, white or a rose in a picnic basket with a corkscrew, napkins and two glasses. Use a basket designed for wine picnics if you're nervous about the glasses breaking. Add a few pieces of dark chocolate, biscuits, crackers or a creamy spread. Fold a thin blanket on top that's just large enough for two people to share.



A night with a rich dessert, music and star gazing is a gift any couple -- or you own sweetie -- will adore. Lay a small blanket in a metal mixing bowl for the "basket." If you are certain it will be used right away, include a slice of cheese cake or the couple's favorite desert. To give the basket a longer shelf life, include ingredients like gourmet hot cocoa mix and graham crackers, chocolate pieces and marshmallows for s'mores. Add a CD of romantic music like classical, jazz or R&B. Include a sky map of the current month with the best nights for stargazing circled.


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