23rd Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

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Choose a gift to reflect her lifestyle.

Finding the perfect gift for a 23-year-old woman depends upon what stage the recipient is in her life. In early adulthood and just out college, a 23-year-old woman may be embarking on a new career or have set up a home and begun a family. Once you have determined her hobbies, interests and current lifestyle, it is simple to choose a gift accordingly.


Career Woman

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For a young woman who is in the early stages of carving out a successful career, there are a range of gifts to choose. If she frequently travels for her job, leather luggage tags, a chic weekend bag or a leather passport cover will all help her maintain a professional image. Alternatively, a notebook laptop or e-book device will allow her to catch up on emails or reading on the commute to work.


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Loving Mommy

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Choose a sentimental gift for a new mom. With the hectic lifestyle change of having a new baby, she may not have had the opportunity to get her photographs and mementos in order. Create a scrapbook filled with family photographs as a thoughtful gesture. Alternatively, arrange a family portrait session at a local photography studio so she and her family can capture an image that can be treasured for many years to come.


Fitness Nut

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If she loves to work out and can be found at the gym more than home, choose a gift related to her fitness passion. A gift certificate to an online music store will allow her to purchase music to update her MP3 player and refresh her workout sessions. Purchase a new armband to keep her MP3 player in place while she exercises or a gift certificate to a healthy juice bar where she can stop by on her way to the gym.


Pampered Princess

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For a woman who takes the time to carefully apply her makeup or loves to indulge in the latest beauty treatments, there are plenty of options to choose. Purchase a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, facial or lash and brow tint at a local salon to help her bring out her best features. If she would prefer a little more relaxation, a massage, reflexology treatment or day lounging by the pool at a spa is sure to delight her on a her birthday. Alternatively, create a gift basket filled with beauty products for a personal touch.


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