Fun Girl Sleepover Ideas

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A sleepover party is where girls can fix their hair, do their makeup, laugh and share secrets.

A sleepover party is a great way for girls to get together and hang out the whole night. The girls tell jokes, share secrets and giggle about their latest crushes. In order to make the sleepover one to remember, a girl should plan fun activities that she and her guests can do to keep the fun alive. Some ideas for sleepover entertainment are talent shows, nail polish fun, makeup and hair styling and the dream house game.


Talent Show

Every girl is good at doing something and this activity gives every girl a chance to show off. The judges could be parents or older siblings. Let each girl spend 10 minutes perfecting her act, whether it be dancing, singing or gymnastics. Call in the judges and have one girl at a time come forward and do her act. After every girl received a turn, the judges will be given 10 minutes to come to a unanimous agreement on a winner.


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Nail Polish Fun

Five different colors of nail polish are needed for this game. Have all the girls sit in a circle and place the nail polish in the middle of the circle. One girl will begin and spin a nail polish bottle. When the bottle stops the top will be facing in a direction of a girl. That girl will pick up the nail polish and apply that color to one of her fingernails. The girl next to her will then pick up another bottle and spin again. This is played until every girl has nail polish on all her fingernails.


Make Up and Hairstyling

Make sure to have a lot of makeup and hair supplies for this game. Split all the girls up into pairs. Girl A will give girl B a makeover for 10 minutes. Then the girls will switch and girl B will giver girl A a makeover for 10 minutes. Next, the girls will be paired up with new partners for the hairstyling.


The Dream House Game

Give every girl two pieces of paper and a pen and let her write down all the things she wants in her dream house. On the second paper she will draw the things in her dream house. Each girl will then get a chance to show her dream house to everyone and have them guess from the picture the things that are inside the house.



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