Get to Know You Games for a Girls Night

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Girls nights can take place either in or out of a home.

From giggling to painting nails to watching sappy movies, girls nights are often a way for women to escape from their normal lives and relax with friends. The venue of the party does not matter; it can be at a pub or in someone's living room. However, one woman ususally organizes the night, and may invite a wide range of ladies who do not know each other. To break the ice, and for everyone to have a comfortable, enjoyable night, "get to know you" games are a must for the beginning of the evening.


Ring a Bell

Ring a bell is a great icebreaker for girls to get to know each other, as it allows for each person to ask questions about others and hear the answers as a group. One person holds the bell and asks a question that begins with "I am looking for..." and makes a statement that narrows down the results to one person, such as "...the person who owns the most shoes." This makes everyone turn to each other and compare their answer. A variety of lists are available, or you can create your own questions from scratch.


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Guess Who?

Guess who is a popular game for both women and men in any social setting. The individual hosting the party knows her guests the best--whether they enjoy politics, pop-culture or history. Choose celebrities who are well-known to the guests and write them down on name tags. Place a name tag on each guest's back, without them seeing who the person is. Have everyone walk around the room asking yes or no questions that help them know who they are, such as "Am I male?" or "Am I fictional?" Continue the game until everyone guesses who they are.


Fact or Fiction

Determining what is true and what is false in someone's life is difficult when you do not know them or their history. This creates a fun game where everyone can learn some quirky facts about the other women during girl's night. As each woman arrives, get them to write down two unknown and unusual facts about themselves, and one fictional statement, and place the papers in a large bowl. When everyone has arrived, gather them together and have each person choose a sheet of paper from the bowl, then read out what it says. The other women have to guess which two are true and which one is false. After they come to a conclusion, have the person who wrote it tell the truth about them. Go through everyone participating in the girl's night.



MadLibs harkens back to childhood for many adults. The quirky sayings and stories that can come out of the game is perfect for women getting to know one another. Do not let the guests know what they are doing, but have them write down an adjective on a piece of paper, no matter how weird or random, and place it in a large bowl. Sit everyone down and begin reading out the story, using the words from the bowl to fill in the blanks.



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