2 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas From a Girl to a Guy

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When you have been dating your significant other for two months you may want to get him a gift to celebrate.
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When you have been dating your boyfriend for two months, you might want to get him a gift to celebrate the occasion. While an anniversary gift is not necessary, it is a thoughtful way to show him you care about the relationship. For a two month anniversary, choose a simple and inexpensive gift that is practical, useful and memorable.


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Hobby and Interest Gifts

Tailor your gift to his interests.
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Choose a simple gift that is tailored to his hobby or special interest. This gift might be a new video game he has been talking about or a video game controller. DVDs, CDs, iTunes gift cards and gift certificates are also appropriate for a two month anniversary. Also consider a hobby gift basket such as a car-wash kit with soap, sponges, wax and drying cloths in a water bucket.


Practical Gifts

Consider a practical gift like a wallet or keychain.
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No matter their age, men want practicality. For your two month anniversary, get him something he will use on a regular basis such as a watch, wallet or keychain. For the boyfriend who is constantly on the go, choose an inexpensive gift for the car or work such as a travel coffee mug, car emergency kit or dash cover. Other practical gifts include pens, leather portfolios or notepads, charging stations and electronic gadgets.


Homemade Gifts

Consider making him a mix tape of songs you enjoy together.
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Make your boyfriend a gift from home for an inexpensive yet thoughtful present. Make a mix CD with the songs you enjoy together, such as the first song you ever danced to. Homemade photo gifts are appropriate for a two month anniversary as well, and include a photo album or scrapbook with photos from your relationship or a framed photograph of the two of you. Bake a batch of his favorite cookies or other treats.


Humorous Gifts

A two month anniversary is the time for a humorous gift.
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A two month anniversary is the time for giving a humorous gift for the boyfriend who enjoys those types of things. Get him a humorous toy for his dorm room or work desk, like a talking stress ball, voodoo kit or dartboard decision maker. Go to a local gift shop that sells gag gifts and buy him a clock, wall sign, beer hat or wall or desk calendar with jokes or limericks.



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