The Meaning of a Gold Rose

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Gold roses signify friendship and joy.
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The tradition of associating meanings to roses has existed for centuries, helping people select the perfect flower arrangement for any occasion. Of all the roses, however, the yellow or gold rose meaning has encouraged people to share them with loved ones during times of celebration and hardship.


History of Flower Meanings

Many meanings that society associates with roses and other flowers can be traced back to the 17th century, when early French literature used flowers to convey symbolic meanings. This is partially due to the expanding trade with the East, which introduced a wide variety of flowers to Europe. It wasn't until the 18th century when writer Lady Mary Worthy Montagu wrote letters that included a series of code words for sentiments such as, "I want to kiss your hand" that using flowers as code took off in England.


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Flower guidebooks that included meanings began to crop up later in the 1800s, leading to a rise in the popularity of sending secret messages through flower bouquets in the Victorian era. Flower meanings in these arrangements could become complicated depending on the context. For example, an asphodel arrangement, meaning "regrets follow you to the grave," could be a sign of support to a friend in mourning or a warning when sent to a former lover.


Gold Rose Meaning

The yellow or gold rose meaning has changed over the years, but they're ultimately associated with friendship and joy. While the red rose is considered romantic, the yellow rose is its platonic counterpart. Sending a bouquet of yellow roses to someone is a way to let the person know of the deep friendship you feel, free of conditions. It is also a way to celebrate with others and share the joy the celebration brings.


Gold roses can also indicate new beginnings and a way to celebrate and share the joy of someone's accomplishments. Symbolizing cheer, joy and friendship, yellow roses are a way to bring sunlight into someone's life and to celebrate your friendship with one another.

While the gold rose is often associated with joyous occasions, this has not always been the case. In the Victorian era, yellow roses were associated with jealousy, dying love and infidelity, often finding their way in flower arrangements to convey just that. Over time, the color became more commonly associated with the sun, and thus the yellow rose came to symbolize cheer and eventually friendship.


When to Send Yellow Roses

Today, most people might not be thinking about flower meaning when they send or receive flowers. However, saving yellow roses for specific occasions can add additional thought and care to the flower arrangement.


Because yellow roses mean friendship and joy, they are often reserved for occasions that reflect just that. Many people choose a flower arrangement featuring yellow roses to celebrate a friend's birthday, wedding, graduation or any other kind of joyous celebration. Yellow or gold rose arrangements are also a typical Mother's Day gift and are appropriate for anniversaries and births.


Yellow roses, however, are not solely limited to joyous occasions. They are also a go-to flower to use when you wish to brighten someone's day with their sunny yellow color. They are a very versatile rose to use for various events, making them great for nonromantic occasions. Whether you wish to add to the cheer or cheer up someone, yellow or gold roses can do the job.



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