The Meaning of a Gold Rose

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Gold roses signify friendship and joy.

Gold roses are natural flowers with a deep yellow hue or those made out of the precious metal. Real roses share the same traditional symbolism as the yellow variety while artificial ones combine the meanings of both the metal and the flower.


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Natural Origins

Yellow roses were first discovered in the Middle East during the 18th century, according to Until that time, pink and white were the most common shades. The yellow ones were soon in demand, although their smell was originally less pleasant than the other types.

Positive Meaning

Per, yellow roses include all natural shades ranging from pale yellow to rich gold. They signify joy and friendship, rather than romance; giving them "a unique place in the pantheon of roses" as explains.


Negative Meaning

When yellow and gold roses first came on the scene, their colors also carried negative connotations: that of jealousy and a lessening of love. The more optimistic meanings, however, prevail today.

Artificial Gold Roses

When these flowers are preserved in the precious metal through a 40-step process, they represent both love (rose) and beauty (gold), according to Although more expensive than natural gold roses, they last longer.


Impact of Arrangement

The meaning of a gold rose is impacted whenever another color is added, when two are twisted together or when only a single rose or rosebud is sent.


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