The Best Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

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Baby showers can include men too.

A baby shower is held in honor of expecting parents in order to shower them with gifts. Traditionally, they have been female-only events, and consisted of silly games catered to women. Over the years, co-ed showers have become popular. The trick to hosting this type of shower is to choose games that men will find entertaining as well.


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Baby Bottle Drink Off

To play "Baby Bottle Drink-Off," purchase baby bottles from a dollar store and fill them up with juice. Then, give each guest a bottle and yell, "Go!" to start the game. The first guest to finish his bottle wins. An alternative to this game is the baby bottle relay. To play, divide the guests up into teams and give them each a bottle. The teams must stand in lines parallel to each other. When the game begins, the first team player at the front of the line must finish his bottle. Once it is empty, he must sit down and the next team member must finish his bottle. The game continues like this until all team members have finished their bottles. The first team to accomplish this task wins.


Don't Drop the Baby

"Don't Drop the Baby" is a game intended for outdoor parties. To play, divide the guests up into pairs and give each guest a water balloon. Then, have each team member stand facing each other with the same amount of space between each team. When you say "Go," team members must throw their water balloons to their partners. If a balloon breaks, the couple who threw it is out. Then ask each guest to take a step back and have them throw their balloons again. Continue like this, taking one step back after each throw, until only one team is left.


Pregnant Twister

To play "Pregnant Twister," you will need to purchase an actual Twister game. You will also need enough pillows and fanny packs to give one to each guest, and weights to put in the fanny pack, such as packages of noodles, cans of soup, sand or sealed bags of water. When you are ready to play, have each guest who is not pregnant place a pillow under their shirts and wear weight-filled fanny packs around their waists. Then play the game as you normally would, declaring the last person standing the winner. Pregnant people still play, but they don't need a pillow or fanny pack. The idea is to give all the guests, especially men, a better understanding of what it's like to be pregnant.


What's in the Diaper?

To play "What's in the Diaper?" melt five or six different types of chocolate into numbered diapers. To avoid any confusion, make sure you record what type of chocolate is in each diaper. When you are ready to play, have each guest take turns smelling the diapers and record on a piece of paper what type of chocolate they believe is in each one. Once everyone has recorded their guesses, let them know what the correct answers are. Whoever guessed the most correctly wins. If there is a tie, declare them both the winners or establish a tie breaking game.