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Baby showers bring together all of the women who are special to the mom-to-be. But when those friends and family members live all over the country or even around the world, a virtual baby shower may be the only way to show the guest of honor that everyone is thinking of her. Every baby shower needs games, even a virtual shower, and there are many games that allow guests to have fun even with many miles between them.


Baby Birth Pool

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Guessing the baby's actual birth date is a game you can play virtually. Send an email to each of the virtual shower guests for their entry into the baby birth pool. They should guess the date the baby will be born, the time, the birth weight and the birth length of the baby. The results of this game obviously can't be announced until after the birth, but you'll want the entries gathered before the big day gets too close. The person who guesses the closest in the different areas wins the game.

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Online Scavenger Hunt

An online scavenger hunt with a baby theme works well for the virtual shower entertainment. Create a list of questions or trivia that relates to babies. Set a specific time for the virtual baby shower games to begin. Send out an email with the scavenger hunt list at that time. The first guest to email back the correct answers is declared the online scavenger hunt winner.


Baby Photo Match

If all of the guests know each other, a baby photo match game works well. Ask each guest to email you a photo of herself as a baby. Collect the pictures into one email and send it to all of the guests along with a list of names for reference. The guests match the baby pictures with each guest's name. The person who emails back with the most correct answers is the winner. If the guests aren't familiar with one another, use baby photos of celebrities instead.


Baby Trivia

If you have access to an online chat room, challenge the women on the baby shower guest list to a trivia competition. Once all guests are logged onto the chat room, the contest begins. Type in a trivia question that relates to babies. The first person to answer correctly wins a point. The winner is the player who earns the most points during the baby trivia game. A variation is to use scrambled baby words instead of trivia questions. The person to unscramble the most words is the winner.


Diaper Burp Cloth Design Contest

Cloth diapers work well as baby burp cloths. This baby shower game stocks the new mom up on customized diaper burp cloths. Send each guest a plain cloth diaper. The guests decorate the diapers however they want. They can sew, embroider, paint or use other baby-safe decorations on the cloths. The guests send the decorated diaper burp cloths to the mom-to-be who then judges the entries. She chooses her favorite design as the burp cloth design contest winner.



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