Fun Questions to Ask at High School Reunions

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Whether you're gearing up for a high school reunion celebrating your 10th, 20th or even 50th year since graduation, be prepared for old memories to come flooding back. If you're slightly anxious about meeting those from your past, avoid awkward encounters by having a series of questions ready to ask. The answers will likely take you back a few years and should provide a few laughs.


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Think Way Back

Asking questions about specific high school memories can generate some entertaining responses. Questions about a former student's favorite teacher, memorable classroom presentations or a notable moment with a school club or sports team are a fun way to get conversation flowing. Open-ended questions, such as "What high school event will you never forget?" or "If you could change one thing from high school, what would it be?" can also generate discussion. Questions about embarrassing moments, secret crushes and disastrous dates can also generate plenty of laughs.


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