Creative One-Year Anniversary Gifts for a Boyfriend

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anniversary gifts for a boyfriend
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Your first anniversary is one to commemorate and make a special occasion. It may be one of the most important anniversaries you share together as a couple, and you want to make it memorable for your boyfriend. For unique and creative gift ideas, look back to your first year together for inspiration. Celebrate with memories of all of your firsts, like your first date and first kiss.


Celebrate Your Firsts

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Use your first anniversary to celebrate all of your "firsts" as a couple. These may include the first time you met, your first date, first hug or first kiss. Plan a night around all of your firsts by going to the place you had your first date and first kiss, watching the first movie you ever watched together, dancing to the first song you ever danced to together.


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365 Reasons I Love You

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Give your boyfriend a reason why you love him for every day of this first year together. Sit down and write out 365 reasons why you love him. This may seem like a daunting task, but once you get started they will just flow right out of you, and you might end up with more than you need. Type them out or write them on separate sheets of paper, fold them and put them in a bucket, basket, gift box or jar for him to read at his leisure.


Paper Gifts

give him a love letter
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The traditional first anniversary gift is paper. While this is traditionally for a first wedding anniversary, it can be incorporated into a dating anniversary as well. Some ideas for paper gifts are artwork, photographs, poems or love letters. You can also get more creative by finding the newspaper from the first day you met or your first date and give that to him as a gift.


Photo Gifts

make a photo collage
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Photo gifts are a thoughtful and meaningful gift to give and receive, no matter the occasion. For your first anniversary, make a collage of as many photos as you have together--especially if you can find 365 photos from your first year together. Another photo gift idea is to make a scrapbook of your first year together, including photos for each month and holiday.



Hobbies and Interests

get him a video game certificate
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If your boyfriend enjoys playing video games during his free time, go to your local game store for a gift certificate or reserve a game that is coming out soon. If he plays a musical instrument, take lessons yourself and surprise him with a song you wrote for him.


Give Him a "Boyfriend Day"

let him choose the movie
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For your one-year anniversary, give him a "boyfriend day" where the day centers around him. Let him choose where you go out to eat, what movies you watch and what activities you do. Give him the day off to enjoy the things he enjoys, and celebrate those interests with him.



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