Gift Ideas for Your Parent's 35th Wedding Anniversary

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Surprise your parents with a meaningful 35th wedding-anniversary gift.

Thirty-five years of marriage is a major milestone. By the time parents have been married for 35 years, their children have generally reached adulthood – which means the handmade cards you used to give them probably won't cut it now. Finding the right 35th wedding anniversary gift for parents can be challenging, especially because the customary 35 year anniversary gifts are coral and jade. These materials may or may not inspire your gift choice. The most important thing is that your parents love their gift, so let their preferences guide you.


Decorative or Wearable Gift Ideas

With coral and jade as your inspiration, artistic and wearable objects tend to be the most obvious category of 35th wedding anniversary gifts for parents. There are a few ways to approach this: Buy separate items that each parent can wear, or look for an art piece that they can display in their home.


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You're spoiled for choice when choosing a gift for Mom. Buy a piece of jade or emerald jewelry, or a cashmere scarf or sweater in a shade of coral or emerald. For Dad, you might pick up a new golf shirt in coral or emerald, or a watch with emerald accents.

Or, look for something beautiful and/or functional that they can use or display around the home. Buy them a luxurious throw blanket or a backyard hammock in a shade of coral or emerald. Find an art print depicting coral or painted with coral and emerald hues. Maybe they even need a new stand mixer, coffee maker or other nice gadget for the kitchen. Look for one in a shade of bright green (assuming it doesn't clash with their other kitchen decor, of course.)


Experience Gift Ideas

They've (hopefully) enjoyed spending 35 years together, so presumably your parents will enjoy a 35 year anniversary gift that gives them more time together. Buy them an annual pass to their favorite museum, season tickets to their favorite theater or tickets to a cooking class. If they share hobbies, buy them new equipment they can use together. For example, if they spend every weekend camping, buy them both new camping chairs or upgrade their tent. A food-of-the-month club might also work if they both love beer, chocolate or some other kind of edible treat.


If your budget allows for a really splashy and expensive present, an all-inclusive trip is an unforgettable 35th wedding anniversary gift for parents. Whether it's a weekend at a nice resort a few towns away, or a vacation to a tropical locale where they can see real coral reefs, they'll probably love any getaway you give them.


More 35 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Still looking for 35th wedding anniversary gift for parents? Use the number 35 as your inspiration. Think of things they love eating that would be a special treat to receive as a gift. Order 35 gourmet cookies from a bakery, or fill their freezer with 35 high-quality steaks that they might not buy for themselves.


To go in a more heartfelt direction, get together with your siblings to write 35 individual notes, each one sharing a different message or memory relating to your parents' relationship. Put the notes in a decorative box and give it to them with a nice bottle of wine or a gift card for their favorite restaurant. They can open the wine or enjoy take-out while reading through each of the notes.


Or, use their original wedding as the inspiration for a nostalgic gift. Contact everyone you know who attended their wedding and ask them to record a video message sharing their memories of the event and their anniversary wishes for your parents. Edit them together into a video and present it to them along with a meal and miniature cake designed to mimic the things they ate at their wedding.



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