Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for a Middle School Girlfriend

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Give your girlfriend something special for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is meant to give you a chance to show your significant other how much you care. If you're a student with a girlfriend in middle school, you should definitely do something nice for her on this special day. Be sure to add your own custom touch to make the Valentine's Day gift truly memorable.


Classic Candy and Flowers

Candy and flowers will never go out of style. The gift of candy and flowers can range in price from the big-budget to the lower-affordable. No matter how much you pay, the way for this gift to really work is to find out your girlfriend's favorite candy type, brand and flavors and her favorite flower type. If possible, make the candy at home. It can be as simple as dipping fruit in chocolate.


Video of the Day

Custom Teddybear

Ask your parents or find a ride to a local mall that has a custom teddybear shop. Make it a surprise by telling your girlfriend that you need to pick up new shoes or a book. Bring her to the custom teddybear shop and tell her you will make her the best bear ever in history of bears. Have her help you build the bear to her style and taste. Make sure to tie a bow or add a heart to the bear as you build it. Pay for the bear and give your girlfriend her new teddybear friend to remember the times you have together.


Mix Tape

Back in the day of cassettes, boys and girls would make each other mix tapes of their favorite songs of romance. They would also add romantic messages and notes to the liner notes of the cassette tapes. Bring this old-time tradition to the modern era by making your girlfriend a mix CD or adding songs to a thumb drive. First decide on the songs you will add. Pick songs that you each like and that mean something to her and add them to the disc or drive. Decorate the disc container with pictures and romantic notes and memories. For a thumb drive, decorate the drive case and place it in an envelope decorated with messages of romance.


Memory Book

Making a memory book can be easy and fun. Buy a notebook with blank pages in it containing however many pages you think you will need. Print out photos of your girlfriend and yourself. Cut them out and glue a few photos to each of the pages. Under each photo or under a group of photos, write out the memory or event that the photo represents. Leave the last few pages blank if you wish when giving the memory book to your girlfriend, and tell her the blank pages are there so you can have room to add more memories to come.



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