Senior Night Girls Basketball Gift Ideas

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The right gifts will make Senior Night special.
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The senior year of high school is one of tradition and transition. Classmates grow close to each other during their time in school, and this bond can be even stronger among teammates who spend hours together at practice, games and traveling. Honor the seniors on your girls basketball team with Senior Night gifts that will have special meaning as the season and their high school basketball careers come to a close.


Special Photos

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Take photos of the seniors.
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Years from now, as the current seniors on the girls basketball team look back on their experiences, having concrete reminders of their senior year will always be special. Have a professional photographer (or an experienced parent or school staff member) take photos of the seniors, individually and as a group — have the seniors who are team captains also pose with each other. Put the photos together to create professional-looking photo collages, and have them placed in quality frames.


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Flowers Always Shine

Roses always shine.
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Flowers may not be cherished by senior members of the boys basketball team, but the senior members of the girls team would love to be presented with beautiful bouquets on Senior Night. A dozen roses for each senior would be wonderful, but talk to your favorite florist before deciding. The florist may be able to create flower arrangements in the school colors, which would be an extra-special way to honor the seniors. Whatever flowers you choose, be sure to photograph the players with their flowers.


Autographed Basketballs

Autographed basketballs make great gifts.
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Along with keepsake photographs, having the autographs of all their teammates and coaches on a commemorative basketball will be treasured by the seniors on the girls basketball team. Regulation basketballs can be used, but it may be wise to purchase special smaller basketballs that are made for autographs. These basketballs generally have one or more white panels, where signing with a Sharpie or similar writing instrument will ensure that the signatures remain visible for as long as the players own them.


Signs of the Times

Have the seniors' names and jersey numbers prominently displayed on each sign.
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Create personalized banners for each senior player. These banners can hang on the gymnasium walls during the Senior Night events and then be formally awarded to each senior when the festivities have been completed. Have the seniors' names and jersey numbers prominently displayed on each sign, along with personalized, hand-written messages from the other seniors as well as younger players and members of the coaching staff. Add photos of the seniors to their banners.


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