School Anniversary Celebration Ideas

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A school anniversary is often a time to learn more about and celebrate the building, founders and significance that the school has lent to the community and city. If the school that you attended as a child or teenager, or the institution your child attends, has an anniversary coming up, there are several ways to commemorate this event that will create fond memories for present and former students.


Timeline Celebration

It's a good idea to gather current and former students to put together a school anniversary celebration with a timeline theme. For instance, invite students who attended the local high school 30, 20 or 10 years ago to talk about their school experiences (e.g., sports teams they were a part of, the teachers who provided instruction at that time, extracurricular activity choices). Of course, students who recently graduated and a few current students can also participate in the celebration, providing insight into how the school has changed over the years. Ask each participant to dress in a few clothing or accessory pieces from the time they attended the school to show the longevity of the school and make for great pictures.


Video of the Day

Artistic Celebration

Providing the school with a new artistic piece that celebrates the institution's benefit on the community and surrounding areas is a wonderful way to commemorate an anniversary. For instance, if there is a statue in front of the school in the image of the institution's namesake, a mural created by past and present students that features the statue can be painted on a prominent wall inside or outside of the school and unveiled at the anniversary celebration. Or current students can create a more modern interpretation of the school's mascot to be featured in the main trophy case. These presentations can be accompanied by a brief history of the school and the significance of the artistic symbol, along with acknowledging the school's current and prior leaders.


Documentary Celebration

To add an interesting and entertaining feature to a school anniversary celebration, recording a documentary is ideal. The film should be short enough to keep everyone's attention, but intriguing and informative enough to inspire students and staff. Contact as many former students as possible, particularly those who attended the school during its first years, if possible. Include some information on the origin of the school, the person the school is named for, and the reason for the school's mascot and colors. Include a written history on the school in a leather-bound book complete with pictures that students can look through and sign (much like a yearbook) during the anniversary celebration.


Parade Celebration

Showcase the school's sports teams, colors and mascot by having a parade to celebrate the school's anniversary. The event can take place on the school's football field, or you can have a number of sports-related events in various parts of the school (e.g., the tennis or basketball court). You can feature snacks and carnival-type activities for kids and adults to enjoy, and end the day with a parade that includes current and past students who were part of the school's marching band. Include bulletins or programs that detail the school's history to give to guests so they can learn more about the institution at their leisure.