Funny Baby Shower Games for Daddy

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Funny games keep the men involved in the baby shower and ready to play.

Many women host and attend baby showers; however, co-ed and "daddy" baby showers are becoming more popular. When planning a co-ed or "daddy-to-be" baby shower, you can prepare a variety of funny games to get the men up on their feet and involved in the party. Encourage them to play along by awarding prizes, such as sporting goods store gift cards or all-in-one tool sets, to all game winners.



Create an outdoor stroller obstacle course and a "water-breaking" race. Use random items, like chairs and cones, to create an obstacle course. Place a baby into a stroller and have each man race through the course as fast as possible. The man with the fastest time wins the race. Another idea is to mark a starting line and finish line 20 feet apart. Give each man a water balloon and have him place it between his thighs. The players must race to the finish line with the balloon between their thighs. They cannot use their hands to hold the balloons in place. The first player across the line without "breaking the water" wins the game.


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Diaper Games

Have a race to see which man can change a diaper in the fastest amount of time. Make the game more difficult by tying one of his hands behind his back and blindfolding him. The first man to get the diaper on correctly wins the game. Gross the men out by melting different types of snack-size candy bars in diapers. Pass the diapers around and have the men smell the candy to guess what type it is. If they are brave enough, they can stick their finger in it and taste it. The man who guesses the most candies correctly wins the game.


Bottle Games

Play a game of bobbing for baby bottle nipples by filling a bucket with water. Blindfold each man and have him place his hands behind his back. The man who bobs the most baby bottle nipples from the bucket of water in one minute wins the game. Another idea is to fill baby bottles with 2 ounces of juice or water. Give each man a bottle and the first player to drink all the juice or water from the bottle wins the game. For a funny twist, use beer in the bottles instead of water or juice.


Tossing Games

Place 10 bottles in the shape of a pyramid, like bowling pins on a hard surface. Bundle a diaper up to resemble a dirty diaper. Allow the men to slide the diaper at the pins to try to knock them down. Reset the pins after each throw. The man who knocks down the most bottles in three throws wins the game. Another idea is to use a small child's basketball goal for a tossing game. Place a trash can underneath the goal. Have the men toss the "dirty" diapers into the goal. The player who makes the most diapers in the goal wins the game.



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