Homemade Frozone Costumes

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A trip to your local thrift store can yield the necessary elements for creating a homemade Frozone costume.

Frozone is among the supporting characters in Disney's animated film "The Incredibles." Best friend to Mr. Incredible, the main protagonist of the film, Frozone is a superhero whose superpowers include the ability to freeze water. You can inexpensively replicate Frozone's blue-and-white super suit to create a "super cool" homemade costume for any masquerade party or trick-or-treating adventure.



Frozone wears a baby blue, form-fitting bodysuit that has a white emblem emblazoned across the chest and back resembling a three-pointed star on each side. A scuba suit in a similar shade of blue would make a perfect Frozone outfit. A full blue catsuit or unitard will also do the job. Even though Frozone wears a one-piece suit in the movie, you can recreate his costume as a two-piece, if you don't have a bodysuit readily available. Tightly fitted baby blue knit pants and a long-sleeved shirt, for example, will work well.


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Chest Piece

A simple way to fabricate the white blaze adornment across Frozone's chest and back starts with a form-fitting white turtleneck shirt. Remove the sleeves either by cutting them off at the shoulder seams or by unpicking the stitches with a seam ripper. Using a picture of Frozone as a guide, cut the bodice of the shirt to form the three-pointed zigzag shapes that cover Frozone's chest and back. You can simply wear this altered turtleneck over your blue suit base, or you can stitch it to the blue suit or attach it with fabric glue.



Frozone wears a fitted white head covering that covers his head and neck, but leaves an opening for his entire face to show through. The perfect substitute for Frozone's headpiece is either a white balaclava or a white, open-faced ski mask. You can also use an ordinary white knit ski mask and cut the face hole in the front large enough for your entire face to show through.



Additionally, Frozone wears a pair of white refraction goggles, which are the most difficult element of his costume to duplicate. Frozone's goggles wrap tightly around his head and are white frames with one thin strip of lens running horizontally across the front. Some sunglasses brands make futuristic sunglasses, sometimes called robot sunglasses, that resemble Frozone's eyewear; some Halloween retailers carry similar styles. Another suitable option for imitating Frozone's eyewear is a pair of white ski goggles with a dark lens.



Frozone sports a pair of long white gloves, almost elbow-length, and white boots that rise to just below his knees. Any pair of white boots will suffice, though white rubber rain boots most closely resemble Frozone's footwear. White rubber gloves also most closely resemble Frozone's gloves, though any long white costume gloves will do.


Facial Hair

No Frozone costume is complete without the icy superhero's black goatee. Use a black eyeliner pencil or Halloween makeup crayon to draw on Frozone's anchor-style facial hair, starting with a pencil-thin mustache over the upper lip. The goatee has two thin points that go from the sides of his chin to just below the corners of his mouth. The middle of the goatee is styled into an upward point on the chin. He has no visible sideburns.



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