Decorating Ideas for a Golf Cart for the 4th of July

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Jazz up your golf cart with red, white and blue decor to celebrate the Fourth of July in patriotic style. Make sure all your decorations are securely fastened so they don't come off while the cart is in motion.

Ideal Decorating Supplies

Red, white and blue rule this holiday, so choose decorations primarily in these colors. Look for decorations that are durable enough to withstand sun, wind and potentially rain, so your handiwork doesn't fall apart or cause a mess on the cart or on the ground.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Decorating the Roof or Windshield

If your golf cart has a roof, line its perimeter with a red, white and blue plastic or Mylar fringe banner. If fringe isn't quite your style, select a banner of numerous small American flags or red, white and blue bunting. Decorate the framework around the windshield -- if your cart has no roof -- using patriotic plastic streamers or two small American flags, held firmly in place with hook and loop straps or blue painter's tape.

Other Decor Materials

  • Cover the hood of your cart with a large plastic American flag, or create one out of strips of red, white and blue painter's tape.
  • Add spinning red, white or blue pinwheels to the frame near the windshield so they'll spin as the cart moves.
  • Draw small firecracker or fireworks designs on the windshield with washable paint designed for windows. Limit the designs to areas that won't obstruct the driver's view.
  • Dress up as Uncle Sam, or wear red, white and blue clothing, hats and accessories if you're participating in a parade or holiday event.
  • Add battery-operated blue or red rope lighting under the frame of the roof if you'll be riding the cart near dusk or after dark.
  • If your cart represents an organization or business in a parade, write the name of the group on the cart with washable paint, or use a piece of foam core board, securing it firmly to the hood of the cart with painter's tape.


Safety Considerations

Safety is of utmost importance when you decorate your golf cart, especially because it is a moving vehicle.

  • Secure all decorations with painter's tape or hook and loop straps.
  • Do not drag items behind the cart, as they may fall off or be run over by other vehicles.
  • Keep the driver's view -- and access to steering, pedals and accessory controls -- clear at all times.
  • Keep extra painter's tape on hand, as well as a bag, in case decorations need to be removed or repaired during your holiday adventures.