Halloween Skit Ideas

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Celebrating All Hallows Eve is about more than choosing one of the countless Halloween costume ideas and going trick-or-treating. For your next Halloween party, in addition to decorating your home as a haunted house with DIY Halloween crafts and placing a jack-o'-lantern at the entrance of your home, consider having guests and children participate in Halloween skits.


You can have guests make up their own stories and scripts with goblins, ghouls or even Frankenstein's creature or find some printable Halloween-themed skit scripts online for your guests to follow and adapt. For inspiration, you can look at some of the skits done by the Cub Scouts or on ​Saturday Night Live​.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Amp up the fun even more by including a Halloween song in the skit. Take advantage of the opportunity to dress up as your favorite character to have fun and perform some of these skit ideas to give you and your guests a very happy Halloween!

SNL Vincent Price’s Halloween special skit

Saturday Night Live​ may not be about presenting a scary story, but you can take inspiration from these skits to come up with the funniest Halloween skit of the night. Vincent Price's Halloween special is a great skit to start with. Vincent Price was an American actor known for his roles in horror films, including ​The House of Wax​ and ​The Fly.​ In the ​SNL​ skit, he was played by Bill Hader. Other cast members in the skit included Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig.


In this skit, Vincent Price is hosting a Halloween special, but none of his guests, including Liberace (played by Fred Armisen), show up in costume as agreed. Have fun with a similar skit with one person hosting a Halloween show where nothing goes right.

Other SNL Halloween skit ideas

SNL​'s haunted elevator skit features the character David S. Pumpkins, played by Tom Hanks. In this skit, a couple rides a haunted elevator and encounters scares when the door opens on any given floor. However, the couple is baffled by the appearance of David S. Pumpkins, who promised a scare, did a dance and finished by saying, "Any questions?" This skit is a fun opportunity to show off dance moves and portray spooky characters as well.


You can also do a skit of Halloween tips and warnings based on the Halloween version of the weekend update with city correspondent Stefon. You can make funny, spooky and gross recommendations for your audience.

Even Matt Foley, an ​SNL​ character played by Chris Farley, had a Halloween skit that ended, as did all of his skits, "in a van down by the river." In that skit, called A Scary Story on Halloween, the father calls in Matt Foley, the motivational speaker, to straighten out the kids after they get in trouble on Halloween.


Cub Scouts Halloween skit ideas

The Cub Scouts has several skits for children to perform. In the Ugly Pumpkin skit, for example, a group of children playing pumpkins decide that they can avoid being chosen and carved up by being ugly. Then, a group of people shopping for pumpkins arrives and inspects the pumpkins, deciding that they are, in fact, too ugly to carve. Unfortunately, those ugly pumpkins are perfect to make into a pie.



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