How to Take Apart Pre-Lit Trees

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Pre-lit trees put an end to time-consuming decorating and are a cinch to take apart at the end of the season.

Pre-lit trees offer the ease of quick decoration while still imparting that "holiday feel." These trees often come fitted with LED lights, which use electricity efficiently. Most pre-lit trees come in two or three sections that need to be fitted together. At the end of the season, they should be taken apart and stored in a cool, dry and clean area.


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Step 1

Unplug the pre-lit tree and move it away from the wall or any other fragile items. Spritz each joint area with a small amount of spray lubricant. Just use a small amount; increase the amount if you have trouble disassembling the tree.

Step 2

Pull off the top segment of the pre-lit tree. Most pre-lit trees will have three sections and the top section should be rather small and light. Remove by twisting back and forth slightly to loosen the connection. There may be small light connectors between each tree segment. Unplug these after you've loosened the top segment of the tree. Place the top section in the storage box or container.


Step 3

Remove the middle section of the tree, if applicable. Once again, twist back and forth slightly to loosen the two segments of the tree and unplug any connected light cables. Ask for help from another person in removing this section on a larger tree.

Step 4

Place all the pieces of the pre-lit tree in an airtight container where water, dust and animals cannot tamper with the electric lights.


Follow your owner's manual for assembling and disassembling your pre-lit tree. Ask for help if any part of the tree is too heavy to carry by yourself.


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