How Do I Put a Simplex Fire Alarm Panel Into a Walk Test?

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You should walk test your Simplex alarm panel regularly.

Simplex fire alarm panels can help provide you and your family with an extra layer of security in the event of a fire emergency. Using smoke and heat detectors, the Simplex panel constantly scans your home for signs of a fire and immediately alerts the occupants, emergency personnel and neighbors in the event of a fire emergency. To keep the panel operating properly, it is a good idea to "walk" test the panel regularly. Walk testing involves putting the panel into a special mode that prevents it from sending alarm signals to the monitoring station, silences the external sirens and allows you to test all of the sensors without alarming anyone unnecessarily.


Step 1

Press the Menu key on the Simplex fire alarm keypad. Select "Change Access Level" and press the F1 key. Enter the proper user or administrator code for that level.

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Step 2

Select "Enable Walk Test" and press the Enter key.

Step 3

Press the F1 button to enable or disable the selected group for the walk test. Press the F1 button again to start the walk test for the selected group. Press F1 again to exit the walk test.

Step 4

Press the F2 key to enable or disable the event log during the walk test.


Step 5

Press the F3 key to cycle between the alert options for the zones being tested.

Step 6

Press the F4 key to cycle between a silent walk test, with no audible alerts, and a normal walk test with audible alerts from keypads and speakers.


A silent walk test, in conjunction with event logging, allows you to test the system without bothering people in the home.


You should regularly test all components of your Simplex fire alarm system, including sirens and speakers.

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