My BMW 330Ci Top Won't Close

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Things You'll Need

  • BMW car keys

  • Allen wrench

  • Flat-head screwdriver

BMW convertible tops offer manual and automatic closing options.

The BMW 330Ci is a convertible coupe model produced between 2001 and 2006, featuring an automatic convertible top that opens and closes by pressing a button located in the middle console of the car's interior. BMW 330Ci convertible tops are motor-powered. Motor failure or electrical problems in the car can prevent a top from closing. Learning to close the top manually prevents damage to the interior in the event of part failure during inclement weather.

Step 1

Make sure passengers exit the car so you can access the convertible top and associated parts. Open your driver's side door. Pull the lever on the lower left side of your driver's seat to push it forward so that it leans against your steering wheel. Repeat this step on the passenger side.

Step 2

Walk to the exterior of the backseat area on the drivers's side. Look behind the back seat headrests to find the storage compartment that the 330 Ci convertible top slides down into.

Step 3

Place your Allen wrench into the recess behind the center cushion of the back seat and turn it clockwise to manually open the convertible top storage compartment.

Step 4

Pull your 330Ci convertible frame out from the storage compartment with your hands. Brace your legs and apply force to pull the frame of the convertible top forward. Stop pulling when you feel resistance. This occurs when the top is half-way between the front and rear-end of the vehicle.

Press down on the convertible top storage lid to close it all the way.

Step 5

Insert your flat-head screwdriver and push upward into the plastic cover panel of the convertible top located in the center of the frame to pry it off. This will allow access to the recess. Continue turning your Allen wrench clockwise in the recess until the front of your 330Ci convertible top meets your front windshield.

Step 6

Place your cars in the ignition to turn on your car. The 330 Ci's automatic system will seal the convertible top in place.

Step 7

Bring your BMW 330Ci to a mechanic to diagnose the problem and reason for why your top won't close automatically. Fix the problem according to the results of the diagnostic test on your car.