How to Use ADT Security Systems

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Things You'll Need

  • Master code

  • Personal identification code (PIC)

Use basic features of ADT security systems.

Having an ADT alarm system in your home can help you feel confident about your home safety and the safety of your loved ones. When your home has an alarm system, it can also qualify you for a reduction in the premiums you pay for homeowners insurance. Operating the ADT alarm system can be complex depending on the type of alarm system you have. However, there are a few basics that are applicable regardless of alarm model.


Step 1

Contact an ADT Home Security Consultant at (877) 291-3604 to subscribe to the ADT home monitoring service. You will be assessed a one-time installation fee in additional to the recurring monthly fee. The amount of the fees can vary depending upon your location and the exact monitoring package you subscribe to.


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Step 2

Wait for an ADT technician to visit your home to install the ADT home monitoring system. During the installation, you will be assigned a PIC (personal identification code) and a “Master Code.”

Step 3

Refrain from giving your your “Master Code” to others. The master code is the code that you, as the owner, use to access administrative privileges of the security system. If you need to assign codes for other individuals in your home or business, you can set up “User” codes. The method to set up user codes will vary by monitoring system. Refer to your user's manual to see step-by-step instructions on setting up user codes.


Step 4

Activate your ADT home monitoring system when you are leaving your home unoccupied. To do this, just enter your master code or sub code. Press the “Away” button. You will have 0 to 99 seconds depending upon your alarm settings to get out of the home or office once the alarm has been armed.


Step 5

Enter your master code/user code to disarm the alarm. You can disarm the alarm if you feel you are not going to make it out of your home within 0 to 99 seconds of activating the alarm. Also, when you enter your home and the alarm is on, you have 0 to 99 seconds to disarm the alarm before it goes off.


Step 6

Active your ADT home monitoring system before you go to bed at night or any other time you want extra security while you are in the house. To activate the alarm while you are at home, you must first ensure that all windows and doors of the home are secure. Enter your master code/user code and press the “Stay” button.


Step 7

Wait for the ADT monitoring center to contact you if you accidentally set off the alarm. The monitoring center representative will contact you at the number that they have on record for you. You will have to provide the ADT representative with your PIC to let the rep know that everything is okay. If you cannot provide the representative with the proper PIC, he will dispatch law enforcement to your home/office to investigate the premises.


When law enforcement is dispatched for false alarms, you can be charged expensive fines/fees. Therefore, it is imperative that your contact information remain updated at all times with the ADT monitoring centers.


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