How to Store Strike Anywhere Matches

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Matches are a common alternative to lighters.

In general there are two types of matches: safety matches and "strike anywhere" matches. Safety matches can only produce fire when struck against a strip on the packaging that is chemically-compatible to the matchstick head. Strike anywhere matches, on the other hand, can be struck against most any dry or grainy surface. But all matches, regardless of type, can post a fire hazard and must be stored safely.


Step 1

Remove the match sticks from their original container. There usually is a rough surface on the side of the container for igniting these types of matches, but since they can be struck on a large number of surfaces, the container may be discarded.

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Step 2

Place the match sticks in a glass jar and cover with a glass or metal lid. Placing the match sticks in a glass jar will keep the matches from catching fire in an accident, and also keeps them from getting damp or wet. A glass or metal lid will reinforce this safety precaution, keeping the contents safer than a plastic lid, which can melt with heat.


Step 3

Set the jar in a drawer, cabinet, cupboard or in an emergency or survival kit, away from the reach of children. Avoid setting the jar on high places such as a shelf, which can be bumped, knocking over and breaking the jar.

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