How to Make Baby Shower Diaper Animals

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Things You'll Need

  • 20 to 30 newborn or size 1 disposable diapers

  • 40 to 60 white rubber bands

  • Clear tape

  • 3 to 6 pairs of baby socks in the color of the animal or its features

  • Baby washcloth

  • 2 safety pins

  • 2 plastic googly eyes

  • Baby bib

Create an animal made out of diapers and baby items as an eye-catching centerpiece to display at a baby shower. Because the centerpiece is made entirely from items for a newborn baby, the mother can take it home and put it to use after the baby arrives. You can make almost any animal out of diapers, but the best ones are easily recognizable animals, such as giraffes, elephants, monkeys and rabbits. Choose an animal that the mother enjoys or that matches the theme of the baby shower.


Step 1

Unfold eight diapers and roll each one into a cylinder, from the back of the diaper to the front. Secure each rolled diaper with two white rubber bands, one near each end.

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Step 2

Tape two rolled diapers end-to-end to make each of the animal's limbs. If you are making an animal with longer limbs, add a third diaper to each one. If your animal has especially short limbs, you might only need one diaper for each one.

Step 3

Stack diapers on top of each other to make the animal's body. The size of the stack will depend on what animal you are making. Hold the stack together with a few rubber bands.

Step 4

Tape the limbs to the appropriate places on the animal's body.


Step 5

Put a baby sock on the end of each limb.

Step 6

Unfold a diaper, fold it in half to make a long strip and roll that strip to make a mostly spherical shape. Tie a rubber band around it to secure. Unfold a second diaper and use it to cover the spherical one and make a larger sphere if the animal needs a larger head. Secure this with a rubber band as well.


Step 7

Wrap the baby washcloth around the sphere and pin it at the bottom. This is the animal's head, which you can now tape or pin to the animal's body.

Step 8

Unfold two diapers and roll them the long way to make two very long rope-like diapers. Secure these with a few rubber bands down the length.


Step 9

Tape the ends of the diaper ropes to the animal's head to make its ears. If the animal has very large ears, as is the case with a rabbit or elephant, you might need to tape two diapers end-to-end for each ear.

Step 10

Tape two plastic googly eyes to the animal's face. Use baby socks and additional diapers as needed to create the animal's other features, such as the nose, beak or muzzle and the animal's mouth.


Step 11

Put the baby bib around the diaper animal's neck. This hides a lot of the diaper body, which might not be the prettiest part of the creation.


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