DIY Spider Web: How to Make Homemade Cobwebs

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Cobwebs are an essential element of any scary scene and a must when you're decorating for a Halloween party. Fake spiderwebs look especially spooky clustered in corners, strung across light fixtures and perhaps tickling trick-or-treaters' shoulders when they dare come near your doorway.


Fake spiderweb products are available from Halloween and craft stores, but if you prefer a DIY approach to Halloween decorations (or left it until the last minute), then consider these crafty cobweb Halloween projects instead.

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Choose the type of DIY spiderwebs to suit the supplies you have on hand as well as your own DIY Halloween decor style.

Craft realistic spiderwebs from batting

Quilters and other sewists probably have some spare batting, also known as wadding, in their supplies. These sheets of warm, lofty material make a great substitute for fake spider webbing, and the product is easy to find year-round at craft stores.


Choose white polyester batting, which looks more realistic as spiderwebs than cotton or unbleached versions.

  1. Cut off a piece of batting a bit smaller than the size you desire for your first fake spiderweb.
  2. With your fingers, tease and pull the fibers apart to create a fine, gauzy effect.
  3. Pull gently and evenly in all directions so the fibers stay mostly together, although a few loose ends and holes actually create a more realistic, wispy look.
  4. Aim to stretch the batting into as thin a layer as possible so that it's almost transparent. Stick your batting spiderwebs in place on walls using push pins, adhesive tabs or craft putty.


Turn cotton balls into mini cobwebs

Gently pull and stretch white cotton balls to create smaller fake spiderwebs.

As with the batting method, work carefully to stretch the cotton fibers into as thin a mesh as you can. Drape these mini cobwebs over and around ornaments, indoor plants, table centerpieces and jack o' lanterns. (Keep them away from flames.)


Create scary spider nests

Orblike spider nests or cocoons are even scarier than regular Halloween spiderwebs. Hang a collection of them from your front door or ceiling for the best Halloween scares!


You need ​white glue, white yarn​ or ​string​ and ​balloons​ or ​water balloons​.


  1. Soak the yarn or string thoroughly in glue and wrap it around and around an inflated balloon in a weblike arrangement.
  2. Experiment with different balloon shapes and sizes.
  3. Let the glue dry thoroughly, ideally overnight, and then pop and remove the balloon.
  4. Hang the orbs by tying them to another length of yarn or string.


More easy cobweb crafting

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Halloween crafts, like making cobwebs from chenille sticks and string, but understand that the results are a cute, whimsical style of spiderweb rather than a realistic one. Make multiple cobwebs to decorate a classroom or to decorate the home around Halloween.


  1. Take three white chenille sticks (aka pipe cleaners) and twist them together in the centers.
  2. Arrange the ends to form a shape resembling the spokes of a bike wheel, with the twisted section in the center.
  3. Knot or hot glue a length of white string or yarn at the center.
  4. Pull the string taut and wrap or knot it around the first chenille stick "spoke" and then the next one.
  5. Continue pulling and wrapping the string around and around the spokes in a spiral arrangement until you reach the outer end of the chenille sticks.
  6. Knot or glue the end of the string and trim the excess.

Don’t forget the spiders

Cobwebs are much scarier when they're guarded by spiders, so be sure to pick up some plastic spiders to add to your webs.

You might also craft your own fake spiders from black chenille sticks, construction paper or other art supplies. Tons of Halloween decor ideas and tutorials for making fake spiders are available online.

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