How to Decorate a Noble Fir

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Things You'll Need

  • Twinkling lights

  • Ornaments

  • Garland

  • Tree topper

Out of many types of Christmas trees, a noble fir is often desired because of the sturdy branches, blue-green needle color and because noble firs last longer after being cut down than other varieties. This type of tree is typically more expensive and comes in a range of heights to suit your needs. When you want to create a focal point in any living room, a noble fir is an ideal choice because it is able to hold many ornaments. The beautiful needles of a noble fir fill the home with a refreshing pine scent -- essential for the holidays.


Step 1

Select a location for the Christmas tree where it will have the most impact. Since noble fir trees come in many heights, choose one that is proportional with the room. In a living room with high ceilings, choose a tree that is 8 or 9 feet tall to prevent the tree from appearing dwarfed by the room size.

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Step 2

Place clear twinkling lights on the tree for an elegant look, or choose miniature colored lights for a whimsical style. Wrap the lights around the tree, starting from the bottom and winding them gently around the entire tree, up to the top.


Step 3

Pick out ornaments of different shapes and sizes, but stick to a cohesive color palette. A noble fir is sturdy, so incorporate larger ornaments to hang off the branches. Choose any color you wish, either a traditional palette such as red and silver, burgundy and gold or blue and silver. Modern palettes include lime green, teal and silver or fuchsia, orange and blue. To create the illusion of height on a smaller tree, place larger decorations nearer the bottom and smaller ones toward the top.

Step 4

Drape a beaded or ribbon garland from the tip of tree down each side. Use four equal lengths of garland and attach to the extended branch in the center of the tree, then arrange to hang down. Complete the tree with a star, angel or other tree-topper.