How to Install a Rutbo From IKEA

The Rutbo is a light from Ikea that, like most Ikea products, requires some assembly. This lamp is designed to provide ambient light as well as a design feature for the room. To install the Rutbo in your room, you first need to put it together, which should take about 10 minutes. Then it will be ready for placement wherever you choose. Assembly doesn't require any special tools besides than the ones that Ikea provides.

Things You'll Need

  • Light bulbs
  • Crescent wrench

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Lay out the components in the packaging on the floor in front of you. Unfold the four light poles so they form a straight line, with the electrical cable joining each of them and the bulb sockets pointing away from you.

Locate the upside-down L-shaped slots at the bottom end of each section of pole. Insert the slot into the detent on the pole adjacent to it, then twist the upper portion of the pole clockwise so the detent is locked in the L-shaped slot. Repeat until you have one rigid pole.

Remove the nut on the end of the threaded rod by turning it counterclockwise. Thread the threaded rod into the very top of the pole using your hands. Carefully install the light bulbs in the light bulb sockets.

Slide the pole into the center of the square light box. Place the threaded ends of the pole into the slots in the mount on the ends of the light box. Thread the nut onto the top of the pole using your hands.

Slide the slotted base onto the threaded end on the bottom of the pole. Use the crescent wrench to install the nut so it sandwiches the slotted base to the pole.

Lift the lamp up and carefully place it in the area where you want it installed. Set the glass top on top of the lamp. Plug in the lamp and adjust the light by moving the slot up or down.


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